Canticle 6, redux: video and download


For those of you who were at the house concert last weekend, you know that a section of my electronics barfed all over the room.  I was disappointed, frustrated and  embarrassed.  But, and  here's the thing:  if something is always difficult, causes great anxiety in practice and doesn't work in performance - maybe it's a poorly conceived idea?  The stuff I've written that I really like always seems so simple and absurd when I'm writing it, I can't believe it would be worth listening to.

Canticle 6 has already been transformed.  The original score was overly dependent on a process I felt could survive logical scrutiny.  But that's some bullshit.  What survives scrutiny is the core, the poetic tension.   

A couple days after the house concert I sat down and re-recorded.  I took out the explicit quotation of Bach, and the sample manipulation...which nobody heard anyway because the patch failed..   I focused only on the ring-mod voice.  That's a voice which did work, because it is the voice that's supposed to be there  creating a beautiful aura around the piano.    My friend Connor described it in an email...."the composed piece being the "substance" of the invisible stellar glass armonica, and the electronics (when they activate) being the "gravitational lensing" the piece engenders as it propagates through space, or melds into its destination."  You can read more from/about Connor on his website

So this version takes the response of the audience and the direction of the universe.  I hope you enjoy.

Canticle rise