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The Wire on Canadian Broadcasting

Last Fall, I taped an interview with Jowi Taylor as part of a radio documentary investigating the impact of electricity on music. I spoke some about the work with SETI, as well as _Voices of the Noosphere_. Jpwi was asking all particpants to address the central question of the program. I replied from a general technology perspective: electricity has allowed for digital impressions of sound, which in turn has provided a means of interrogating the sonic phenomenon beyond the capacity of our physical senses. This new understanding has provided fuel for compositional, aesthetic and theoretic forays into understanding why we humans are so addicted/predilected to an interaction with sound. I've pasted the CBC announcement below.

-------CBC announcement------


THE WIRE is an innovative eight-part series for CBC Radio that explores every aspect of electricity’s impact on music—from Marconi to the microphone, from Moog to Muzak to mp3s. It airs Mondays, starting Feb. 7, at 8 p.m. on CBC RADIO ONE.

Since the turn of the last century, the electric age has yielded a host of technological innovations in the production and distribution of music—each giving birth to revolution in music. The series, assembled from over 40 interviews with musical pioneers such as Karlheinz Stockhausen, Les Paul, Bob Moog, DJ Spooky, Steve Reich and Kid Koala, is a collage of words and music, sound and silence, style and substance, that examines our continuing fascination with music played through, recorded on and distributed via THE WIRE.

Each hour wraps up with a remix of the episode’s contents, commissioned from prominent Canadian and International DJs such as Caribou, Misstress Barbara and Akufen.

Host Jowi Taylor is regularly heard on CBC Radio One and Two on the award-winning show Global Village. In addition to his broadcasting duties, Taylor is a composer, music producer and a music and pop culture writer. THE WIRE is a trans-continental production created in Vancouver, Toronto and St. John’s by Taylor with producers Chris Brookes and Paolo Pietropaolo.

Explore THE WIRE’s interactive website at—launching Friday, Feb. 4—for play lists, interviews, timelines and much more.