Hildegaard of Bingen
Installation Proposal


Sonicisim is a thought model:  a subset of a broader complex of ideas that explore the essentially vibratory notion of reality. 

  • A waveform in one medium holds meaning in a second.
  • Sound represents the interstice of physiology and cosmology
  • Experience is a standing wave, a habit of creation and it's creatures

Nada Brahma. 

Research in Sonicism leads one to Hildegaard, Messiaen, McKenna, Bohm, Jung, neurology, whale song, ragas, ringtones and Stockhausen.  The patterns of vibration in air that we call 'sound' can be expressed using mathematic models.  Particularly  useful is the Fourier Transform, which separates a waveform into constituent sinusoids.  Each frequency represents a component, and when combined, the sinusoids sum to the original.  Fourier transform is a tool that can be applied to any waveform, allowing for a common representation of waveform structure across multiple media. 

The abiding presence is transient, liminal and aesthetic.