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Look! A Blue One Floats By... (for solo piano)



Look A Blue One Floats By by Andrew Kaiser

I remember a dream.  I am underwater, in a domed city populated by small, enigmatic creatures ambivalent towards me.  The dome collapses, and I find myself compressed, swirling, exploding for lack of breath deep beneath the surface.

Then a whale - huge, enormous, blue - approaches me.  He swims next to me, I recall vivdly the eye scanning me.  A warm, dark brown eye.  With the mass of his body, the Whale protected me from the furies of the ocean, and guided me to the surface where I could breath again.

I started to write a piece, which ended in a drawer for three years.  I restarted the piece, believed it finished and moved on.  Two years later, I have finished it.  This time period corresponds quite clearly with my engagement with psychotherapy.  I may not yet be done with this piece.