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Some thoughts on Leys

(Auden, perhaps contemplating Leys?)

From my notebook, working on ideas for a book ( saints and ley lines in east anglia?).

  1. To say Ley Lines is redundant, the ley implies the line. Where I work, we have a report called the Technology Portfolio Report, always referred to as The TPR report. That's also redundant.
  2. You can think of leys in two ways. On one hand, the Old Straight Track documented by Alfred Watkins. A ley is defined by the visible alignment of ancient sites, often then drawn on a map. On the other, The New View Over Atlantis, and other work by John Michell. Leys are mystical lines of energy, connecting powerful points of concentration often empowered by architecture, often considered alongside the UFO phenomenon
  3. A straight line alignment is an intersection of the human psyche and the landscape. the individual human psyche as much as the collective. It is an essentially poetic structure, defined in the vivid imagination of a single walker, footsteps on the earth create morphic resonance.
  4. The Ley is a poetic construct. Defined in the vivid imagination of a single walker, understood and communicated through art, shared and experienced by others. Like morphic resonance, the accretion of meaning on the landscape.
  5. In the poem, The Watershed, Auden positions the reader left and up from the artifacts of the scenery: those objects which hold on to the Quiddity.
  6. This sense of remove is important. The sense of remove defines the psychogeographic stance, which is also the poetic stance. Considering the Straight Track -a distant steeple or the mountain cairn - inserts the psyche in the noosphere above the realm.
  7. When I look along the sky, from many places in Pittsburgh, I see the  water tower in Garfield, I am circuited. I am both places at once. I like the word " circuited" here, but it is an irregular coinage. Reminds me of 'bruited', but only in pronunciation. Bruited is archaic, meaning noises, or a rumor. Medical term, an abnormal sound heard in auscultation.
  8. I think this is an intimation of the Overview Effect and is a conspicuous function of the straight track alignments. This awareness is Liminal. Profoundly available to all humans. Even - or particularly - the mundane.
  9. I'm throwing some words around here. The relationship between leys, the noosphere, and The Overview effect...well, if I write that , I won't be sitting here drinking Wild Turkey from a coffee cup any more.