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The Eschaton, continued: Guest Post by Earrach of Pittsburgh


Eric is the founder of Sassafras Grove, a group that follows the practice of ADF Druidry here in Pittsburgh. His blog,  The Book of Sassafras , is worth a read (but be warned, the ancient Druidic mind is a gnarled and orogenic place to visit).   Astronomer and naturalist - always willing to scrabble in the dirt for ramps, or cast a hopeful line out for trout. A devotee of John Kirkpatrick's concertina playing.  Something of a Richard Thompson groupie.  Look carefully at the slides in this earlier post, you'll see Eric's secret past as a morris dancer revealed.    

If I could wish one thing for anyone, it would be for a monastic cell in Jarrow, next door to the Venerable Bede, where Eric could discuss the history of the British isles, and argue over different models of the calendar.

Eric wrote this poem in reponse to my request for posts about the Eschaton, and it surely  gets across the idea of a great shift, one that resonates across dimensions, between chronological planes, and within the patterns of a human life.  I'll confess to being a bit surprised, never having heard him quote Nietzsche*.  (See above, my warning re: the ways of Druids.)


Perhaps it did happen,
And we didn’t notice it.

The tide has turned,
Or perhaps it was the
“Great Noontide” itself.

Yes, the Übermensch now awaits
To grin at us and sport at our absurdity
Through the bars of our self-wrought cages.

Farewell the Golden Age
Farewell our time in the Sun.

Could it ever have been better than this?

egc @ 12/27/2012

* To save you all some time, diligent readers,  here's the general reference: "And once again shall ye have become friends unto me, and children of one hope: then will I be with you for the third time, to celebrate the great noontide with you".  Thus Spake Zarathustra: A Book For All And None 

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