The Overview Effect and Leys
The Larkin Project

What medium is outside of time?

How to make a work of art from a walk? Not looking for a narrative, a journal entry that contains imagery and foot-sore description.

There is a model, a psychogeographic model, where the walking-voice wanders around, in condensed reflection and reflected conversation. The landscape acts as an irritant, a catalyst. The landscape becomes a skeleton around which these ideas form. The walk is a precipitant. The land is a map for the internal discussion.

A book certainly contains the walk. That walk exists outside of time when the book is unread, or when the book is read and then remembered. But the reading of a book is essentially time-laden.

To create a work outside of time, this will require a craft to propel the reader into a perspective where all facets of the work can be witnessed at once. This is true no matter the medium,whether the reader is really a viewer or a listener.

This is not a feature of the piece, it is a function of Art. There is no art piece that can do this, but there is Art. It is the only art, essentially liturgical, and fundamentally alien. The Technology of Ecstasy.

Asides from all that, I don't know.