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Soundtrack for NASA LRO rotating moon video



There's a great video, published by the lunar observation group at NASA.  It shows a rotating moon.  I've added some sound  to that video.

On the Earth, we never see a rotating moon:  we always see the same face, because the moon is held in place by the same force that drives the terrestrial tides.  I'd guess you have to be on the surface of the sun to actually observe a lunar rotation..or maybe anywhere closer to the sun than the earth's orbit.  

I may be guessing, but at least I understand the importance of government funding for NASA.  

I have a piece of music called Moon Ikon.  It's unrelenting, 28 minutes long, with sonic material based on the topography of the lunar surface.  The vectors of postion and height mapped to frequency and amplitude.  Because it's all about relationship, the actual realization of it can take 28 second, 28 minutes or 28 hours without messing with the sound.  

Remember that beethoven 9th, stretched to 24 hours?  

So I took the my Moon Ikon, compressed it to 3 minutes...slowed the rotation of the video down to 3 minutes (original was 30 seconds) and matched the two together.  

3 minutes because I'm working with a choreographer right now for a 3 minute work using this music.  Nothing if not practical.

The video is like a beholding of the moon.  Look at the way they have presented the moon, as an object against a perfectly dark background.  All details specific and realized.  I want to see this image realized as a rotating hologram, with human hands beneath it, palms open