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Horripilation! A whole mess of stuff today: sine waves at the piano; tarot cards for professional advancement; the physiologic impact of poetry!


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My youtube channel  Andrew Kaiser - YouTube always look for Andrew Kaiser and ZenGlop...otherwise you find a more successful composer also called Andrew Kaiser.


The Urban Beleboke:

Sine wave and piano

My tattoo (fool and dog) : File Feb 07  2 53 56 PM

Ask ZenGlop Q+A

Episode 24... Ask ZenGlop

Take a break from Larkin.  Send questions for the next one to @ZenGlop #askZenGlop

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...unfenced existence

Episode 22:  “unfenced existence”

becoming  familiar with the Pocket Operator Robot synthesizer; arguing with Philip Larkin about mortality, reading three of his poems (“here”, “dockery and son”, “aubade")

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Music I’ve written in software synth technology:

Cool software modular synthesizer:

Teenage engineering Pocket Operator produt page:

Larkin reads Aubade:  Aubade read by Philip Larkin - YouTube

ZenGlop The Larkin Project:  The Larkin Project | ZenGlop

Stockhausen Tierkreis @Cologne city bell tower

Exegesis on 35 sentences

In 1969, Sol Lewitt published an article titled sentences on conceptual art.  In the winter of 2017, I set about to write a commentary on each sentence.  I wrote roughly one page of handwritten notes for each sentence.  In this episode, I read first the Lewitt sentence and then my commentary.  In relatively short order, the material becomes part of my ongoing exploration of the imagination; the nature of the creative idea; and my own writing process.  

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Logistics and Deception

Episode 20: logistics and deception. An important announcement about a new project; starting to play the didgeridoo; seeing  Marriage of Figaro.  

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Socrates in drag

Episode 19: socrates in drag

returning for a new season.  I am nostalgic for the summer; consider Plato; and play a  mashup Gershwin and Messiaen on the piano.

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  • catch up in the lies (full album):
  • Grease, "summer loving":
  • Plato Phaedo: