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the well-regulated piano and the psychedelic life

In this episode, I talk about what it feels like to play my piano after it has been regulated...'regulation' is a two day process where each component of the action is taken out and recalibrate.  Thus the title, because isn't that what it is to take acid?

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John cage prepared piano:

Stockhausen mantra: 


how long ago was a man and a dog even

I can rack up with synth gear but I'm still a pianist at heart.  The Korg SQ-1 sequencer has a number of different modes, influencing the order and values passed.  But what I've realized is that at any point, I can play a key and adjust the will start up again at the immediate next step as soon as I release the key.  I also realized that if I don't have the sequence playing at all, but the sequencer turned on, I can 'play' any of the sequenced steps in whatever pattern I choose....kind of like a button accordion at that point. 


I'm also enjoying being really conscious of the monophonic nature of these synths, and working with that to create sets.


field recording: office ( no mod)

I'm always surprised when I notice some sound that is really compelling, but that I was totally ignoring.  There's a vent behind my desk at work that periodically starts to self-resonate.  I can go days without noticing, but listen to it....I'd be hard-pressed to create a rhythm that was this absorbing even with my stack of electronic gear.


("no mod" refers to "no modification"....I have a series of field recordings on the 'video' link that start with a short recording of a day to day scene and then I gradually introduce modified sounds to the mix.  This is pure Heater Vent.)