To the moon!!
structure of the sonic hologram

episode 39

In this episode, more on psychogeography and the meditative expanse, as well as a reading of W H Auden.

Listen to "Psychogeography, meditative expanse: unintended intimacies and WH Auden" on Spreaker.

First off, I know the sound was garbage last week.  I hoped to get away with it but several of you mentioned how poor the podcast sounded.  My microphone is broke, and I'm avoiding the effort to figure out what to get next.  I made some adjustments this week so it should be better but I promise that in the new year you will be astonished by how crystal clear my voice sounds. 

Second off, I made a big deal about consistency in scheduling and that I would livestream every Sunday morning.  I broke that already, because this was actually streamed on an early Friday morning.  Oh well... consistency is a goal, always in sight but rarely achievable.  

You can see the video saved on my channel here