episode 39
Episode 40 - communion and compassion

structure of the sonic hologram

On October 6 2016, Six Canticles were transmitted from Dwingeloo Radio telescope in the Netherlands outwards directed towards the Lyra Nebula. A month later the same set was transmitted towards the Andromeda nebula.  The Fourth canticle is contained in the MoonArk project and the transmission at Dwingeloo acts as an opening gesture for that broader piece of work.  The work at Dwingeloo is now known as The Rotterdam transmission and was made in collaboration with Daniella de Paulis and Jan van Muijlwijk jvm@netvisit.nl (jvm@netvisit.nl)

Burgess halo Banded
The Canticles began as sonic structure designed using techniques of electronic music composition to represent an aesthetic and poetic form based on the Toroid sculpture as created by Lowry Burgess.

The Canticles now exist as sculptural forms in the media of electromagnetism, moving away from the earth at the speed of light. The Six Canticlestaken together are the first iteration of a liturgical construct that syncretizes human experience, poetic feeling and our emerging awareness of galactic structure.  

What is the place of consciousness?  The Rotterdam Transmission assumes a consciousness that transcends the boundaries of human mortality, whether that is defined by the fragile constraints of our metabolic time on earth, or whether it resides in perception beyond the commonly held sensorium.

A second question arises:  is this a message delivered towards some extra-terrestrial  civilization that may receive and interpret each of the canticle forms.  The Rotterdam transmission is not  message except as an aesthetic gesture.  it is metaphor and poetry; to hold the full design and device of the Canticles requires  confrontation with scale that deliberately extends the boundaries of humanity.  There is a teleological direction.  This is the liturgical process.  

Each of the canticles are defined first with a mode and second with mechanics.  The mode of the canticles expresses the soul-full language, the poetic and lyrics intent.  the mode of each canticle will locate the form in an ever-extending sequence from start to finish.  The mechanics of each canticle explain some of the specific techniques used to realize the forms.  In each case, those techniques will be realized s deeply simple, driven by the need to inscribe a poetic ideal in a sonic structure.  


more details next week, for now here's a link to the sonic realization ( here with the working title 'forms ina etheric halo 27 minute remix)