episode 84 - Eurovision: UK in the 70's. Coco ('78) and the New Seekers ('72)
episode 86: meditation notes - like a mountain

episode 85: poems about trains ( the wonderful effects of Leicester)

Some of the poems in this collection are critical of the speculative riches of the railway directors, fueled by extraction of resources and accumulation of capital.  This is not one of those poems.  This poem celebrates the availability of cheap rail travel, although there's what I consider an uneccesarily cruel outcome for the poor old horses running the coaches.  

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I'm reading all the poems in the collection "RailwayRhymes" edited by Peter Ashley and available here   if you want to read along.  Here are all the podcast episodes from this series: ZenGlop - Poems About Trains

Today's poem The Wonderful Effects of the Leicester Railway