episode 84 - Eurovision: UK in the 70's. Coco ('78) and the New Seekers ('72)

In which I sing along with two Eurovision entries.  I'm no singer, but let's say the result is charming/endearing.  I believe that the years 1971 - 1981 were the apotheosis of Eurovision at least as far as entries from the UK. I see many similarities between the 1978 entry from Coco ( Bad Old Days) and the 1972 entry from The New Seekers ( Beg Steal or Borrow).  I was old enough in 1978 to remember the entry, not quite yet aware in 1972.

Listen to "Eurovision study- UK in the 70s ( Coco and The New Seekers) - 6:6:20, 12.37 PM" on Spreaker.


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The New Seekers Beg Steal or Borrow

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